Have you always wanted to learn to dance?

Always wanted to learn to dance? But something (or someone) is stopping you? We’d love to see you on the dance floor! Is in this article, we explore some of the common objections and obstacles when it comes to learning to dance.

Do I need a partner to learn to dance?

No, you do not necessarily need a partner. We have plenty of dance options that you can do on your own. Why not try:

  • Latin in-line classes
  • Musical theatre classes
  • Tap dancing classes
  • Ballet classes

Have a look at our timetable to see the full range of classes on offer.

Alternatively, a private lesson means that you can learn at your own pace and try out dancing with a teacher.

But I really want to find a dance partner

If you are looking for a dance partner, then just let us know. We’ll let you know if anyone else who’s at a similar level is looking too! It’s worth asking on social media whether any of your contacts would like to learn too.

I’d love to learn to dance with my husband or partner, but I can’t persuade them to try it

Firstly, make sure they are aware of the many benefits of dancing. Many people are reluctant at first, but it’s often the most reluctant partner that ends up getting the dancing bug. We run free taster sessions so that people can try it out in a fun, friendly environment with no obligation. Our next taster session is at 7.30pm on the Thursday 16th of April 2020. They’ve got nothing to lose, and if they don’t like it then they never have to come again! Chances are, they’ll really enjoy it, even if they think they won’t. If all else fails, try one of our options above for solo dancers.

Dance lessons are really expensive, aren’t they?

They don’t have to be. We offer free taster sessions, which cost absolutely nothing. There’s no obligation and you don’t need to book – just turn up and have a go.

You can take advantage of our early bird offers to get 10% off a course of lessons. To find out when our next courses start please visit:

Ballroom classes

Latin classes

Our tea dances are excellent value at only £6 per person, and that even includes a cream tea or a choice of scrummy cake options.

If you decide to dance regularly, our dance class cards can save you a lot of money. Each card is valid for 4 classes, and costs just £30. It’s valid for all solo adult dance exercise classes, including latin in line, dancercise, tap, ballet & yoga. You can even mix and match classes.  There’s no time limit, and it will save you time when you arrive at the studio too.

When you compare the cost of dancing to joining a gym, it’s a very cost-effective way to keep fit. It’s also a lot more sociable and enjoyable than the gym.

I won’t know anybody there

You might not know anyone at first, and it might seem a bit daunting, but you will soon get to know people. Danceworks Devon is a really friendly place and you will be made very welcome by the owners, teachers and fellow dancers. Some great friendships have been forged at Danceworks Devon!

If you’re worried about walking through the door for the first time, give us a call to let us know that you’re coming. We’ll keep an eye out for you, give you a warm welcome and show you the ropes.

If you’re still unsure, keep checking the website so that you feel more familiar with what’s on offer. Or why not follow us on Facebook to get an idea of what types of things go on at the studio.

Remember that everyone who currently loves dancing and has all the benefits of this fantastic hobby was a newbie once. It’s easy to talk yourself out of it when you’re trying to pluck up courage to do something new. Don’t overthink it; just decide to learn to dance and give it a go.

I might have to dance with someone I don’t know

You will not have to dance with anyone you don’t know unless you want to. We don’t expect people to change partners during our dance classes. Dancing is a great way to meet people, but if someone asks you to dance and you’d rather not, it’s perfectly OK to say “oh, no thank you”.

I can’t dance

Exactly. That’s what you’re here for! Everyone had to start at the beginning when learning to dance, so why not give it a go? Dancing is a fantastic hobby with great benefits including keeping fit, making friends, having fun, improving communication with your partner and even improving your sex life. There’s a dance style for everyone, so maybe try one of our taster evenings to see what suits you.

I’m nervous about dancing in front of other people

It’s understandable, but to be honest, other people are concentrating so hard on their own steps that they won’t even notice you! If you are really anxious, try a private lesson. Or come to one of our social events. You don’t even have to dance; you can come to one of our  tea dances or social evenings, relax in the bar area with a drink and just watch others for a while. You’ll soon realise that you don’t have to be a great dancer to enjoy dancing!

I don’t know what to wear to classes

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in; something comfy so that you can move freely. It’s best to get some proper dance shoes once you decide to take up dancing as a hobby, but it’s not necessary for a taster class or first lesson. We like to keep our dance floor clean and smooth, so no muddy boots or stilettos please; clean indoor shoes with a thin sole are best.

Read more about what to expect when you start dancing

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call on 01626 365112. We’d love to see you at Danceworks Devon soon.