Easy Popular Sequence Dances Video One

Easy Popular Sequence Dances Video One

£10.00 incl. VAT

A 30 minute, easy to follow instruction video.


Our Easy Popular Sequence Dances video will teach you how to dance the Rumba Number One, Sally Ann Cha Cha, Cindy Swing, Catherine Waltz & Mayfair Quickstep. This video is approximately 30 minutes long and will show you the steps for 5 of the most popular sequences dances. If you’ve always wanted to learn sequence dancing, or if you need a refresher of the steps or technique, this is a great video to start with!


  • Rumba Number One
  • Sally Ann Cha Cha
  • Cindy Swing
  • Catherine Waltz
  • Mayfair Quickstep

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